Saturday, August 8, 2009


The founders of this blog were spending some quality time together today and Mandy said she was worried about her last post. I personally think she is being silly worrying about this, but just in case, let me clarify what she meant. She (or any of us really) by no means thinks it is bad or lame to scale your WOD. If you can not do a movement because you do not have the strength to do it or you are injured in some way, DO NOT DO IT. If you need to modify what the WOD is for your fitness level; do not be ashamed to do so. We all have to start out some where. Your fitness level will improve with work and time. I actually, just learned yesterday that in the past 4 months I have upped my bench press by quite a bit. Bea/Kiddo you say, but we don't do that at Crossfit. That is true and why I think it is so awesome. For a year and a half I worked on the bench press and never got above the bar. Four months at Crossfit and I have more than doubled the weight I can press and I have not done that lift once. In my mind this proves that the functional movement approach is far superior to isolation. The point of that tangent is: keep at it and you will improve. You will get stronger but you need to take the steps to get there. I started at jumping pull-ups and have moved through the bands. I still can not do kipping pull-ups yet; but I know they will come. Now that we have cleared that up, if you can do the movement and you take short cuts to improve your time, you are an ass.

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