Monday, August 3, 2009

I Miss Running

So before I started this whole Crossfit "thing," my go-to workout was going for a 3-5 mile run. On days I felt like taking it easy, I'd jog at a reasonable pace the whole time. On days where I felt like stepping it up a bit, I'd add some sprints, hills, and other forms of punishment. But regardless of the intensity of a run, the post-workout euphoria (the "runner's high" if you will) was always the same - and is what I crave most from a workout.

While Crossfit workouts CERTAINLY have the power to bitchslap my lungs into overdrive, my post-workout mood just isn't the same as after a good run. I totally understand that Crossfit is helping me round out my physical fitness in ways I haven't experienced in many years, but still, I miss running.

Unfortunately, however, I'm finding that the days I'm away from CF, my arms/shoulders/legs/back are too smoked to run the way I want to (yes my arms - I never realized how much I use my arms running!), and/or I'm falling into this "I worked out hard yesterday, how about I just walk the dog today instead" mentality.

So, to the point of this post: I think I'm just being a big baby about all of this and need some extra motivation to get back into running. A couple of the ways I'm considering doing this are a) changing up my routine to make it interesting again and b) finding some people to run with to hold me accountable. I'm usually a late afternooner, but I'd like to see how I fare in the a.m....anyone out there interested in meeting up for some morning runs? Or, if I can't find any takers, does anyone have good advice for how to get my rear back into gear?



  1. I am a very slow runner, so I would not wish that pace on anyone I listen to my iPod and really like running on the Tobacco Trail down near Harris. It is pretty there and has a nice canopy covering most of it.

  2. Landy! I'm glad you're on the blog now! I do not share your love for all. But-- I do have lot of friends and family that CrossFit and run. A lot of them have really taken a liking to the CrossFit Endurance ( workouts (which are usually done 3 hours after a regular wod). I have friends that use that just to keep up the cardio that they are used to and crave, and I also have friends that use that to train for triathlons, marathons, and even the iron man. I think its a good thing that you notice that you're missing something in your current training regimen, and I think its important that you find a way to "fill the gap". If the kool-aid we've all drank is should find yourself a better runner because of the work you've put in at CrossFit. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  3. Landy - while I can't offer to be a running partner for long runs (long ago overuse injury that made me give up running a was a really hard withdrawal), I would be willing to try some crossfit endurance WODs as long as they are relatively short distance (<3-4 miles). Or, if you totally want to switch it up and have a bicycle - biking? Since we live in the same building it might be easy to coordinate!

  4. AH, the endurance WODS are a great suggestion -I actually emailed Dave today to see if there were any plans to post endurance WODS BEFORE they happen. Not sure if they're taken from the website Mandy posted or if they're different. As much as I generally enjoy cardio workouts, I still like to know what I'm in for...

    Alas, I do not have a bike (mine got stolen last year), but Becky, let's try a few endurance wods and see how they go! Thanks for the feedback folks!

  5. Gyms don't program alot of runs because ( I think) people would wonder what they are paying for... but if you check out the mainpage they show up at least once or twice a month. either a 5 or 10k usually.

    I think you should just go for your run and consider it 'crossfit'... because it is! :)