Thursday, August 6, 2009

Local Eats - Eden

So, there's a new restaurant called "Eden" that just opened up near my work on Shannon Road. It is billed as simple, local fare. They are open for lunch and dinner and Jack and I went there today for lunch. It was really good and easy to get zone friendly meals. I ordered the seared scallops over wild mushroom risotto and asked them if I could get vegetables instead of problem. They served me a bed of mixed local vegetables...squash, zucchini, asparagus, green beans, tomatoes and garlic topped with seared scallops...delicious! The serving size was small but I'm pretty sure it was the correct zone serving size. I'm assuming that the veggies were cooked in some form of fat. Jack ordered the salmon burrito which was also small enough that I think it was zone, plus he eats 4 block meals so the tortilla is probably okay for him. He subbed a salad for fries. So, anyways, just wanted to let you guys know. If you eat at any restaurants that are zone friendly, post them...we're always looking for new places to eat!


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  1. Hey Dori,
    Thanks for the info on Eden. I am always trying to find new places to eat at (Zone, no zone - it is all food to me) and after reading the review on N&O about Eden, I was a little skeptical to try it. Quite frankly, I hated the food at George's Garage and Eden's owner/chef is the previous chef at George's. In either case, I am going to give them a go based on your recommendation.