Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What do you do besides CrossFit?

After reading Landy's post, I'm just wondering if anyone does any workouts outside of CrossFit. I feel like I should be doing more cardio outside of CrossFit but I don't know how to fit it in. I do CrossFit 5 times a week and I've just started adding the endurance WOD also so that's actually 6 WODs a week. I can do cardio on one of my days off, but I feel like I need at least one full rest day. I've tried doing two a days also to fit in cardio, but I find that makes me tired all the time and I don't perform as well on the WODs.

So, if you're doing a workout other than crossfit I'd love to hear what you're doing and when you're doing it, or if you're just doing CrossFit and you think that's enough, I'd like to hear that too.



  1. I love mtn biking but I have a hard time figuring out when to fit it in. I feel like I should be running more. I am insanely slow; which was shown last night. If anyone wants to go for a ride some time, please tell me. My favorite place around here is Harris.

    Dori, the shake actually made my recovery much better. I plan on bringing them from now on.

  2. I played soccer for 17 years back in the day-- Dunsey and I are toying around with the idea of getting back into some soccer stuff. Im also down for starting to organize some hiking/white water rafting trips if people would be interested in those.

  3. I love hiking. I'm always trying to get Jack to go so if you ever do a group hiking trip I would be in and I could probably talk Jack into it if it became a CrossFit thing!

  4. I am a huge fan of cycling, but have fallen away from it in the last couple of years. In Tallahassee I was part of a group that would meet routinely to ride cross-country or on the road ~4X per week. I didn't realize at the time just how important the social component is to working out. In many ways, CF has made clear to me how much easier it is to get off of the couch and go suffer when there are others willing to suffer along with you.

    I just went on a MTB ride in Chapel Hill this past weekend with a few guys and had a great time. I'm keen on doing it more, so if anyone else is interested, speak up.

    I, like Dori, am also a fan of hiking. In fact, I'm heading out for a 3 or 4 day hike this weekend near the Nantahala Outdoor Center. I would be game for a group day hike with the CF crew.

  5. Holy crap Dori. You aren't messing around. I still don't know how you and Bea double upped last night. I was wiped out.

    I do Pilates a couple of days a week and crossfit at least 3 WODs a week. Try to keep my total "real exercise" days to 5 with a "fun exercise" day on the weekend. Then I rest on Sunday. I'm like you - I totally need (maybe just want, but still) a full rest day. I'm trying to think outside of the box - and go different days and what not, but I'm not doing it very well.

    I would totally be up for any of the activities noted above + kayaking. Can we please go kayaking soon? I have no kayak, but sure do love it.

    Umm, white water rafting - yes please.

    P.S. Don't the head crossfitters say if you follow the 3 on 1 off pattern anything additional is not necessary? Just add sport? I can't recall.

  6. Ok, so I'm a bit of a slacker I guess. I do 2 WODS (maybe 3) a week and then one day of a run. My weekends are where I have the most trouble getting my workouts in (either because I've been traveling a ton or the day just gets away from me...lame I know).

    Mandy - I played soccer forever as well, but have tried to quit playing in "real" games due to injuries (2 ACL tears, a dislocated kneecap, torn meniscus, broken nose, etc). HOWEVER, I still love to do ball work or other drills as a workout but usually feel really silly doing them on my own. If yall get the urge to throw some kind of soccer-related workout together, I'm so in. And if you play pick up, I probably won't be able to resist joining...

    I'm definitely down for hiking. We've got Eno River and Umstead parks practically in our backyards. Sounds like there's interest, so how about we start planning? Next week perhaps?

  7. I actually started crossfitting so that the "fun" things would be easier - hiking, biking, etc - so going on a hike or white water rafting would be fantastic.

    Normally don't do much more than Crossfit, although I try to bike for transportation as much as possible. When the normal school year is in session (fall/spring semester) I sometimes hit up yoga classes or random dance classes with my roommate, but that's really not that common. I have found that the super mellow yoga is GREAT for realigning slightly tight/out of whack back joints that you get with doing heavy overhead things.

  8. Mandy if you organize a white water rafting trip I am there...Hiking is not really my thing, but I would deal with it to raft...

    My "sport" was dance, but I am not getting to do that as regularly as I would like to. I try to take a class here and there, but given my crazy schedule, and lack of adult classes in the area, I stick to my living room, and sometimes take yoga to try to substitute...I need to start running or something endurance oriented, my issue is that after working evenings at the gym, I am not excited to stay to workout more, or it is too dark to run outside.

  9. Please don't go next weekend. I have a wedding in Charlotte next weekend. That would make me sad. I have never, in my life, played soccer but I am willing to try anything. Just try not to laugh and point.