Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Question for the runners

So several months ago during a run I heard a snap and a crackle in my hip area. Then there was pain. A lot of it.

I layed off the running then tried again for Helen I think. No snap and crackle but lots of pain. In both hips now.

So the advice I was given was stop running.

I've been thinking how sucky I feel in there on the rowers while everyone is running. I hate running, but I need to do it. Don't I?

So last night we ran before the WOD. Just a little. And here is the pain again.

My questions are: 1) I need to run, don't I? 2) Why do I have this pain only when I run? 3) Should I just run through the pain?


  1. I am not a runner. That being said-- here are my thoughts on your questions.

    1. No. You don't need to run-- unless by "run" you mean go see a doctor. Because you need to do that. Whatever the cause for the pain, there is nothing wrong with substituting rowing for running. Its an intense cardio workout and will give your muscles the stimulation that they need without causing the snap, crackle, popping and pain. Low impact doesn't mean "easier"-- it just might be better for YOU...at least for right now.

    2. Go see a doctor, woman!!!! Running is pretty much the most high-impact thing that we do...makes sense that it could cause pain while other exercises don't.

    3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I know CrossFit can make us all feel like invincible badasses sometimes, but we aren't. This is NOT the type of thing that you "push through" and "suck it up" for. You need to take care of your body so you don't make a chronic injury out of something that doesn't need to be wrong.

    Running sucks-- but it shouldn't HURT like that. Go get checked out and take care of yourself so that you can run up that stupid freakin hill with me ;)

  2. There is "good" pain (oh wow, i never knew that muscle existed!) and then there is "bad" pain (holy shit i broke my leg)...what you are describing is most definitely BAD pain. Concur with Mandy 100% that you should go see a doctor. And with regards to question 1 on "needing to run" - well, yes, if someone is chasing you with a hacksaw then damn the pain in your hip and sprint away. Otherwise, I suggest avoiding anything that causes serious bodily pain.

  3. There are a lot of things that can cause hip pain. Bursitis, or inflammation of the bursa could cause the pain along with muscle strain or just general tightness. The cracking is what worries me. That sounds more like a bone issue. I think your first step should be to see a doctor. When I was on mile 16 of my marathon my knee started killing me. This scared me a great deal because my sister just had to have knee surgery. When I got back from Florida I made an appointment with an orthopedic guy to check it out. He X-rayed every angle possible of my leg. The result: my IT bands are too tight because my hip muscles are weak and my leg muscles are doing all the work of holding me up. This causes my IT band to get very tight and subsequently pull my patella out of its groove, causing pain from the rubbing. He said it was an easy fix. Use a foam roller for my IT band (not so easy because it hurts like hell), stretch and work on my hip strength. Then he said “but you can not run for a month.” Not because of my knees, it was because I had a stress fracture from my run. I had a stress fracture that I had no clue was there. I must have looked at him like he was crazy because he then showed me by pressing on the fracture. I almost jumped off the table. If I had continued to run on my injury I would have caused it to get worse. If it is just a muscle issue I can help you work on it by showing you a lot of stretches. Massage for hip pain can be problematic because there are a lot of muscles that over lap in that area. Getting to the one causing the pain can be difficult.

  4. Well - I did finally get to a place to think rowing was a fine substitute for running. I just think lately I am inspired by all of the serious running that goes on in your training, Mandy, and in the endurance wods.

    Funny points about needing to run...yes, I will damn the pain if a hacksaw is chasing me.

    OK - well I should mention that I did see a chiropractor when it happened and had 1 x-ray and nothing was broken. But I guess the point you guys are trying to make is perhaps I need to see an ortho. I think it is probably muscular, but I think it is weird that it goes away when I don't run and then comes back right away after I do run - even if just a little running. I do foam roll after every wod, but perhaps I will take you up on stretching examples, Bea. I forgot what Dave showed me.


  5. Melinda -

    I have a cronic long term hip injury that started when I was senior in high school. I used to run all three seasons,(cross country, winter track, spring track) and I didn't do any other type of cross training - this was a huge mistake.

    This is what I have to say about hip injuries and running:

    1. see an ortho (i saw one for the better part of 5 years and got cortozone injections and a number of MRI's and x-rays) turns out I have bursitis and the ONLY activity that inflames it is running. I was told to never run again. Basically I followed that and when I first started CF i always subded rowing, now as my over all strength has increased I have been able to run with no hip pain.

    2. consider physical therapy - I am a huge believer after I saw how much improvement sarah made after her back surgery thanks to he help of an excellent PT. We can give you his name if you need.

    3. Don't run: I really don't see any need if it causes you any pain. The rower will sufficiently kick your ass and I would be happy to help you with some form if you would like on the rower. This might help you kinda own rowing as your thing and give you a chance to see and feel improvements.

    Stay healthy so that you don't end up not at CF because you would be greatly missed :)

  6. Becky N. - thanks. I will totally take you up on some rowing technique stuff! Thanks for the advice - and for the hope that I could someday run again (even though I will hate it).

    I am going to phone an ortho...