Sunday, August 2, 2009

Recovery Shake Question

Sorry Bea, I had the crazy zone meal post. I thought the computer automatically signed my name. Anyways, I don't recommend my crazy zone meal b/c I was so hungry the rest of the day...but you were close with the guess of Sarah b/c her protein and chocolate milk combination is what had me suddenly craving chocolate milk. Anyways, that leads to my question...

I am doing 11 blocks. Three, three block meals, one, one block snack and one protein shake w/skim milk after wods. The protein shake is actually 4 blocks protein and one block carb. Sarah says the best recovery shake is protein and carbs and I love her chocolate milk combination but if I add chocolate milk then that's 4 blocks protein and 3 blocks carbs (no fat). Does that have to be my dinner? Since I do the six pm wod most of the time, if I have the shake, I'm not super hungry for dinner anyways, but I feel like I should eat something. Maybe a two block dinner? Any zone experts out there that can tell me the right way to work the recovery shake into my meal plan?


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  1. I looked up zone and protein shake and found something on (of course) the Crossfit Journal. They recommend doing the post work out shake but advised against using it as a meal replacement. They suggested that you still follow it up with at least a 2 block meal. I think I am going to start following your example and bring a shake with me, especially on Monday nights.