Monday, February 14, 2011

It tastes just like....

It tastes just like... If you ever hear that, it is a blatant lie. First of all alligator does not taste like chicken. It is closer to the taste of cod but it does not taste just like anything other than alligator. Maybe crocodile, but I really have no clue because I have not eaten crocodile. I am from Florida people, of course I have eaten alligator. They have a hunting season because there are so many of them and they have to keep the numbers down. No, I did not shoot one. I just ate it at a restaurant that is near my parents old house.

Kale chips do NOT taste like potato chips. They taste like ass. Not literally, because like crocodile... I just have no clue. I said this Saturday night (the tasting bad part not the crocodile part) and the response I got from my vegetable hating friends was: "You need to put a LOT of salt on them. They taste like salt. They are delicious." I wish he had told me this before I made them. I do like vegetables but other than that we tend to have the same taste in food. If he tells me something is good it usually is and conversely; if he tells me I will not like something, he is right. If I was told to put a lot of salt on them so that they would taste like salt, I would not have made them.

Kale, when baked, has a bitter after taste that is not good. I think I would rather just eat spinach that is lightly salted.

Happy Valentines Day all!

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  1. I guess it depends on what type of potato chips you like. I tend to like burnt potato chips, which I suppose do have a slightly bitter taste. I think Kale chips taste a little like burnt potato chips and I think they're very good. We toss the kale in walnut oil and season with sea salt (not an exorbitant amount and certainly not more than your standard potato chip), but salt is recommended.