Monday, February 28, 2011

slight lapse

I had a slight lapse in judgment yesterday, when I ate a few bites of coconut cake. The result was that I have been ill all day today. Was it worth it? The jury is still out. Oh well! I just need to climb back on the wagon.

I went to the Triad Barbell Challenge on Saturday to photograph it for Peter Haas and Mei Yoshinaga. Three things happened while I was there.

One- I learned how important it is to have paleo food on your personage (thank you Lori for the offer of chicken and cheese). I got hungry while shooting and then all food sounded like a good idea. I also get really grumpy and irritable when I do not eat. Luckily, I have awesome friends that went and got me food. Not only did I get to see my awesome friend Mandy but she fed me as well. Thank you Mandy we need you to visit more (not when I am shooting the ground).

Two- I was inspired by how strong and kind everyone in this community is. There are some crazy strong people around and it is truly inspiring. Two of them are from our gym. Mats and Phil, you guys were badass.

Three- How cool Tony from CF Wilmington is. He was really nice when I locked my keys in my car at his gym last month, but Saturday I asked him what he puts in his water. Seriously though, CF Wilmington people are crazy strong. He explained to me his philosophy on training. Then he went and did this:

The answer was simple, they lift heavy every day. Although I can not really lift heavy, I am going to try not to be a wimp any more and maybe one day I will be considered crazy strong as well.

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