Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just like eating a shoe

A little while back I bought a tun of grass fed Paleo Kits. The flavor is good but the meat is so tough my jaw hurts after eating a couple of bites. It is almost like eating a well seasoned shoe. I usually end up digging through and pulling out the nuts and the one strawberry provided. I think we still have several left in the pantry. I just can not bring myself to buy any more of them.

I think I might start making my own. I recently was informed, through social media, that there is a thing called Jerky of the Month. It has free shipping. I might just give it a shot. I need an easy to carry snack so I do not turn in to a huge grump. This is especially important during wedding season. Reception food is never paleo.

1 comment:

  1. Agree w/you on Paleo kits...if you are looking for new snacks, I'm seriously obsessed with Slantshack Jerky. There is some sugar in their marinade if you are willing to tolerate that, and they have grass-fed beef...it's kind of like meat crack.