Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sweat wicking

I have started to move away from sweat wicking attire. I have found that although, it is nice that the shirts, socks, pant, etc. want to remove the sweat from my body, it is for very selfish reasons.

My sweat wicking clothes do it because they like the smell. Yes, folks my sweat wicking clothes have the same philosophy as my little dog. They think that it smells lovely and want to smell like that at all times. They are amazingly skilled at holding on to my lovely post WOD smell. I can wash them in hot water, bleach, or vinegar... the oh de post WOD continues to linger. I have Febrezed them with no change other than they have little speckled stains of Febreze all over them now.

I have purchased a shirt from Lululemon that has magical silver thread that prevents stinkyness. The jury is still out on that shirt; but I also have issue with spending that much money on a t-shirt.

I am now going to just buy American Apparel Cotton tees. True, I might be soaked at the end of a workout but at least it is better than stinking before I start.

Here is a photo of my little dog that loves the smell of post WOD attire.


  1. 100% cotton and cheaper than AA and lulu and probably just as good: hanes men's v-neck t shirts.

  2. I've always wondered about the synthetic, sweat wicking shirts. They look way sharper than my random cotton t-shit, but I'd never heard about the smell.

    Well, I don't really mind being sweaty, it feels kind of right after a WOD to be drenched in sweat.

    Keep up the good blogging, I need something to distract me at work!

  3. Hanes does not fit as well.