Tuesday, March 8, 2011

another rant

I seriously thought this was a joke when I saw it in a magazine. It is amazing how much your mindset changes by the people you spend you time with. The website says that it has an app now and it was number one on the NY Times best seller list. Of course it was! 3 years ago I would have bought it. A book that tells me I can eat pizza and loose weight? Sign me up!

They also quote a woman named Nancy L. Snyderman that says: Your weight is not your fault. I have news for you Nancy: yes, it is.

I am the one that decided to sit on my butt and not go to the gym. I am the one that ordered the pizza and then ate half of it. No one else did that to me. I did it. I am also the one that decided that I want to be strong and lean not skinny or fat. I am the one that has lost 10 lbs of fat over the past few months by eating paleo and doing CrossFit more religiously. I know it is fat because I am stronger than I was in November. I am the one that worked hard to get to a 32 inch box jump and will continue to work hard to get an even higher jump. If you take away my fault you take away my glory too.

It is easy to forget about the obesity epidemic when you are surrounded by CrossFitters. 63% of Americans are over weight. 26% of Americans are Obese. That is insane! I know I am preaching to the choir but if we allow people to believe that "it is not their fault" then they will only let it continue.

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