Friday, March 11, 2011

too much shoulders

I have discovered that too many of my goals involve shoulders.

1. higher box jump
2. one handed hand stand
3. better at double unders (try not to be a spaz)
4. better at pull-ups
5. butterfly pull-ups
6. get stronger
7. get better at dips
8. muscle ups
9. wall free handstand

This is not a big deal; but after yesterday's WOD I realized that there is a problem. My shoulders are now very sore. I have added some additional goals that will allow my arms a break every once and a while.

10. take time off of my incredibly slow mile.
11. pistols
12. learn how to climb a rope (Dori uses her feet mostly.. must get Dori to show me how)
13. Faster row

Yes, I do realize that my goal is basically: be better. There is nothing wrong with that. I want to be a better Bea.

Yesterday's WOD was this:

Elevated Parallette Pushups - I can do 5 in a row with my feet on the 17 inch box. I did not try to do a higher box. I should have.

AMRAP in 15 minutes: 10 Overhead Squat 10 DB Push Press

I did not do this Rx. I am still having issues with wrist stabilization from my surgery in June of last year. It is a lot better but not good enough to overhead squat 64 lbs (I did 45lbs). I did 22.5 lbs on the push press; mainly because I did not bother reading the board. It was a deceptively difficult WOD.

Here are some photos from last June:

Injuries suck. You can choose to do one of two things: let yourself heal then try again or let yourself heal and be scared to pick up a weight again. I am trying again.

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