Sunday, March 6, 2011

because that is what we do.

I had a conversation with my mom yesterday about my ummmm, determination. According to my mom, I have always been... I will be honest with you, she said hard headed. The example she always uses is of my 16th birthday. I wanted to spend my 16th birthday in the same place I spent my 8th birthday. I wanted to spend it at Warwick Castle. (They have peacocks everywhere; it is down right magical.) This is not as big of a demand as it sounds. My father is an airline pilot. Needless to say it happen.

Today, I wanted to get a bigger box jump than I ever had before. Box jumps, for some reason, scare the crap out of me. I decided that I was going use my determination to get at least half my height. I am 62 inches. For those of you that are very bad at math, I was attempting to get to a 31 inch box jump. I know that is not very high when the Jacks and Seans of the world are jumping north of 53 inches but my previous jump was 20 inches.

I wanted to do it when no one else was around because, well I thought I was going to fail. I did not fail, I got 32 inches. I did however have someone walk in on me while I was doing it, though. The guy that owns the yoga studio came over to ask me to turn down the music. He said that Eminem's lyrics were not conducive to relaxing. He then asked me what I was doing. I said jumping on that, and pointed to the above box with plates on top of it. He asked why. I did not really have an answer for him, I just said because that is what we do.


  1. Bryan is an awesome guy, but I think he watches what we do at Crossfit like some people watch a train wreck. To him, it morbid curiosity.