Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stupid Girl

I spent a lot of time in high school not trying things because I was told by one person or another that girls don't do that. I found ways to be near the sport with out actually getting to do the sport. I was a: weight lifting, foot ball, soccer, and wrestling trainer. Now, this is the sad one.... and I dated a surfer.

What is a trainer you ask... It is a person that tapes ankles, spots weights, catches and throws balls (to help you train in your catching or throwing of said ball), and makes sure you are hydrated.

I really love football. Because I was doing all that catching and throwing with all three teams (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) , I got really good at throwing the football. Do not get me wrong, my dad had been tossing the ball around with me since I was little; but 3 hours a day after school every day leads to improvements. At one point during my Sophomore year I got the courage to go up to Coach Yokum (head football coach) and tell him that I wanted to play. I presented my case on why I would be good for the team and this is what he said back to me: "Because of Title IX, I have to let you on the team but know this; it does not matter to me if are better than the boys. You will be riding the bench the entire year." And that was it. I should have argued, but I didn't. I just went back to my place as a trainer.

A few years ago, I realized how stupid this was. I decided that if I wanted to do something, I was going to do it. I am far from an elite athlete. I am slow, uncoordinated, and compared to a lot of my fellow CrossFitters, weak. One thing I do have though is determination, everyone should especially girls. A lot of people will tell you can't do this thing or that. The trick is, to learn how to ignore them.

I did actually ended up trying to surf. I love it. I suck at it but I do love it.

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