Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The monster that lies within

I do not know about you but I become one moody little person if I do not eat. I go from 0 to huge scary monster in 2 seconds flat. This is not a problem when I am eating like the majority of Americans. When I decide to be a good little CrossFitter and eat Paleo, I do not get the normal hunger pains. These hunger pains are very important! Why do they disappear when eating Paleo? We have already discussed my laser like focus (lobster if you are from CF Durham). I do not pay attention to the outside world when I am doing, well anything really. I need my body to say: "Hey! Go eat!"

When it does not, I suddenly feel very angry at the silliest things. Example of such an annoyance: my cousin's overwhelming devotion to photograph every pizza he eats and post it on facebook. Here are but a few of his photos:

There is another problem with paleo.... Other people. It really isn't just paelo it is any kind of diet. If you are vegetarian or vegan or whatever, people will give you a hard time because it is not what they are eating. For some reason people want you to eat what they are eating. Today I was eating my lunch alone in my cube when a coworker walked by and said: "It does not look like you are sticking to the outside rim of the grocery store." I was eating this:

Salmon and avocado.

It made me wonder where does he shop? Other than those little issues I think I am doing surprisingly well this time around. I have not gotten any headaches and as far as I know, I am not in ketosis. I do think that if it were not for my love of pizza I would be able to do this for life.


  1. "It does not look like you are sticking to the outside rim of the grocery store." WHAT? I too am curious where he shops.

  2. Second what Dori said. It's brightly colored, so...maybe he thought you were eating candy? With a fork?

    Also, as bewildering as the comment is, it's pretty rude as well. Boy needs smacked.

  3. Na, he is a nice guy. He was just trying to be funny and failing.