Monday, March 14, 2011


Everyone has a particular type of music that gets them going. I call the music I require for motivation, booty music. It is really a mix of rap, R&B, punk, and pop. My play list has Eminem, Green Day, the White Stripes, Rihanna, Lupe and yes, even a little Britney Spears.

Some times the music I pick embarrasses me a little. Okay, a lot. I have one song that I like a lot for kettle bell swings on my ipod. (Yes, it is that specific.) I forget it is on there because I have a really large work out play list. It does seem to rear its ugly head every time I plug my ipod into the gym speaker tough. Of course certain friends are not capable of letting it go. Even though one of them has a techno version of Phantom of the Opera on their ipod.

That humiliation made me want to try to use Pandora for a work out, but my experiment failed miserably. Pandora was just in a very melancholy mood. It kept trying to get emotional on me. What was the seed song you ask... Rude Boy. Do you have a suggestion for a seed song that would not lead to a slow song?


  1. Delurking. LOVE LOVE you in my RSS my, ahem, work email...

    Have you tried the like/dislike buttons with Pandora? After a while, it really WILL learn what you want it to play. That will help anyways. I had Beastie Boys for a seed artist on Pandora -- that led to some pretty pumpin' songs. :)

    But what I really wanted to say is, will you list or post some of your current favorite playlist songs? It REALLY sounds like my kind of play list! And I have been just going blank on some decent music to workout to lately. I even have an itunes giftcard to burn and just zone when I try to pick something. So help a girl out?

    And I am getting a kettlebell (my boyfriend's 100 pounder is too big for me!), so what is THAT song? :) It's okay to share... no judgement!

  2. My song of great embarrassment is: Rumors
    In my defense it has this driving beat that seems to build through the entire song.

    Not so embarrassing songs:
    Whatever you Like
    Running Up that Hill
    Rude Boy
    No Love
    Jesus Walks
    Go Go Gadget Flow
    Don't Stop the Music
    My Doorbell
    Roll Out
    American Idiot