Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I had a beer the other night when I went out to my friend Becky's going away party. I got violently ill. I did not even drink the entire thing. This made me reassess my eating habits. The sickness I get seems to be getting worse. Maybe I build up a kind of resistance when I keep eating it so it is not so bad but I never feel 100%.

After some research on line and discussing these issues with a friend that has a similar problem, I am going to try to go with out wheat, barley, or rye for a while. I will still eat rice corn and potatoes.

I have also found some cookbooks that have ideas that are not quite paleo but closer than most. I am going to experiment a little and report back.

If you have flu like symptoms; including upset stomach, severe abdominal pains, low grade fever and skin irritation after drinking less than one beer I would love to here about it.

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  1. Try New Grist Gluten Free Sorghum beer. Yummy and no gluten-y side effects.