Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And you said no one was doing this blog...

You told me last night no one was on the blog and I felt really bad. So bad I was going to put my shameful day of zoneing up here just for you. But now I see I will have to put this out there for all to see. Well, maybe the embarrassment will keep me on the straight and narrow. So, here it is, yesterday's meals. This day was like most, it started out great but ended terribly...

1 egg w/ 1 tbs of parmesan cheese (1 block protein)
2 slices turkey bacon (2 blocks protein)
1 slice Ezekiel bread (1 block carb)
1 tbs smart life butter (or something like butter) (1 block fat)
1 cup coffee w/creamer and splenda (that should be about 2 blocks fat, I'm always a little light on the carbs at breakfast)

Protein shake with skim milk
This is not really part of the zone, but I started adding protein mid morning and after workouts to see if it helps me in my workouts and I'm hoping I'll build some muscle...we'll see. The protein shake is no carbs or fat, just 20 grams of protein.

Whole Foods Turkey Meatloaf Meal...thanks Mandy!
4.5 oz. turkey meatloaf (3 blocks protein)
1 sliver sweet potato (1 block carb)
1 cup broccolli (almost a block carbs)
small salad, no dressing (more carbs)
I figure the fat is built into the meatloaf and the sweet potato so I didn't add any. Again, my carbs might be light. Do I need to make more of an effort to get the right carbs?

1 string cheese (1 block protein)
6 peanuts (1 block fat)
handful of baby carrots (1 block carb)

salad with grilled chicken
2 beers...this where it starts to fall apart, but at least I'm making up for those lost carbs earlier in the day (yes, I know that's not really how it works)
More wine once I get home :(
The wine makes me feel like I need some bread so I have two slices of Ezekiel bread w/ a little bit of smartlife butter...and I've officially left the zone. Hoping for better luck (will power) today.



  1. Dori, nice work on posting the day's meals. I will do the same. First one question. This may sound silly, but I can't figure out how to start a thread on this thing. I can comment on someone's thread, or I could create my own blog. What if I want to start my own post/thread?

    Any help would be much appreaciated.

  2. go to the top of the page on the right side and it says "New Post"

  3. also, make sure you're signed in as a member and not just a follower.

  4. Ah ha! How do I become a member and not a follower?

  5. Taken care of... Becky sent me your e-mail and I sent you an invite. You just had to wait until I got home so that I could get on it.