Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not exactly on subject

So, for the last few weeks I have been reducing my intake of grain products, i.e. bread, pasta, rice, etc. I have been doing this because I am attempting to be in the "Zone". But, I am getting a little ahead of myself. I get sick to my stomach a lot. Way more than anyone I know other than my mom's dog who, gets ill if he eats anything other than his special sensitive tummy dog food. This illness gets really bad when I drink. I don't get hung over; it can happen after one beer. I get flu like symptoms. I have a head ache, stomach ache, I am tired and my entire body feels like crap. This is problematic when you go out with friends. Most of the time I can get away with one beer. This was not the case however, last night. I have experimented and found that I do not get sick with wine, vodka, or tequila. I do however with beer and malt liquor. And.... that bagel on Monday. The way I feel today annoyed me so much that I started to do some more research into it. What evil ingredient was in all three things... the answer Barley. I called my Dr (Dave's wife) and asked for a referral to an allergist. I have not gotten one yet, I do not see why she would not. Hopefully I am right and I can just try to avoid this evil grain. I guess my point is, I probably would not have figured this out if I had not started zoning. I would have just thought I, like my mom's dog Grommet, just have a sensitive tummy. Just another reason to Zone.

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  1. Great deductive work, Bea! I hope that helps you figure stuff out. I have been cutting back on grains as well, but I have found that I absolutely have to eat pasta the night before any run above 8 miles. Not doing so has resulted in some naaaaaaasty stomach problems that you all don't want to hear more accommodate this problem?!?!