Monday, July 27, 2009

Best Breakfast EVER.

So, I'm eating my breakfast as I type-- and I thought I'd share it, since I think its freaking delicious, and I feel like a million bucks after eating it. Besides, a few of us had discussed doing a post every day where people could add their meals under the comments section so we could hold ourselves and each other accountable-- soooo we can use this post to do that. Anyways, back to this BANG TIME of a breakfast... Its pretty much an open-faced egg sammich (yes, sammich). I toast 1/2 of a whole wheat english muffin. I drizzle some sriracha on top of that (you know that spicy red asian sauce with the rooster on it-- my roommates and I maturely refer to it as cock sauce. too much information?). Add 1 oz. fried ham, 1 oz. sharp cheddar cheese, and 1 fried egg-- pile it up and go to town! Its tip-top... I promise. My other carb block is filled up by the cherries (8 to be exact), and my fat is taken care of by 3 Tbs. avocado (plus the small amount of olive oil i use to fry everything up). This is a pretty standard breakfast for me (sometimes I sub almonds for the avo), and it is seriously ON POINT. Its a great way to start the day, keeps me full for a long time, and is a pretty dang great recovery meal (I work out in the mornings, so that's important for me). Happy zoning.



  1. when you post pictures to the blog are you using mobile uploads or do you have to download to your computer and then post it on the blog?

  2. im taking them with my iphone and then transferring them to iphoto and posting from there. im computer retarded-- i hope that answered your question.