Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hard-Bottomed Kicks.

I just ordered my first pair of weightlifting shoes! That's them ... in the pic ... I'm stoked! I noticed a huge difference when I transitioned from lifting in running shoes, to lifting in chucks. Its crazy how much more stable I felt...BUT I've recently noticed a few things that make me think that even chucks are not enough. Sometimes its hard to keep my weight in my heels, and since I have the chucks that just slide on (no laces) sometimes I feel like I'm missing some support--especially on big lifts. There are tons of articles on the crossfit main site forums, in the journal, etc..that talk about the benefits of weightlifting shoes. Google-ing the topic will get you some good results this one: . But most importantly... Rip says weightlifting shoes. So weightlifting shoes it is... :) I'm hoping to have them in time for the seminar this weekend (THAT ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE GOING TO)...I'll make sure to let you know what I think.



  1. Now you will match: Sarah, Jack, and Mitchell. I must admit, I wish I had fancy shoes. Then again I do look punk rock in my Chucks.

  2. Yay, Mandy! Wish I could afford to be so cool!

  3. Cool - thanks for this. I was actually wondering and googled it too. I think I'm going with my fun ones I found in the back of the closet. Who knew I'd have good cfit shoes.

    Cool blog guys. I zoned for a month or so consistently - now...not so much. Would totally be up for sharing meal ideas. I get tired of egg whites and 3 almonds with my OJ/green drink. Oh, and how funny is that you get used to having only 3 almonds.