Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recovery cont'd

So, I wrote this in the comments earlier because I couldn't figure out how to make it a post by itself. I think Alison asked about recovery tips. Here are some things that I do for recovery that I wanted to pass on.

1. Zoning in general (this is my shameless plug). It really does help with recovery.

2. After my workouts (optimally within 1/2 hr) I have a combination of fast-acting proteins and carbohydrates, with less fat than usual. I have not come up with a single perfect proportion between the two, but it usually hovers around 6 proteins to 10 carbs. Eat less fat at this time (fat slows the digestion of it all, and I need it to enter faster). So generally, I have about a cup of chocolate milk and a small scoop of whey protein. Yes folks, this is a wonderful time of day. Nothing wrong with some chocolate milk and whey protein! (If you really are opposed to chocolate milk, try sweet potatoes). And if getting "big" or bulky is a worry, don't worry. Pounding why protein shakes all day is one thing, and having whey at specific recovery times is quite another. I find that I have a VERY difficult time putting on any mass while I am zoning. For better or for worse, that's what tends to happen.

3. Fish oil! This stuff really aids in recovery. You will feel a difference. I pop it a couple of times a day, and I get mine from Trader Joes. No need to order it directly from Zone because they will charge you an arm and a leg. Just get fish oil that is "molecularly distilled".

4. Ice bath within 2 hours of my workout if the workout was really hard on my muscles. If the workout doesn't warrant a full ice bath but was still pretty tough, I will get in the shower and alternate cold and warm water in rounds of a couple minutes each.

5. Epsom salts baths. Pour a bag of epsom salts into a warm bath and live it up. Warm baths feel really good. I wouldn't do this within 2 hours of your workout, unless you have already cooled off your muscles with an ice bath or cold shower.

6. Multi-vitamin. I am taking One-A-Days right now, but just until I finish the bottle. Then I am switching to a whole foods vitamin. I really do think they are better for you.

7. Sleep longer. Sleep sounds basic, but I am bad at this one, and I see a major difference in my energy and performance based on how much sleep I am getting.

8. Static stretching post workout. (Before workouts I do active stretches).

9. Glucosamine: not yet in my habits, but I have resolved to start taking it this week for joint health. I do believe it will be beneficial.



  1. Can you (or someone) do a post on hand care? How to keep from tearing, what to do once you do tear...ect. I ped-egged last night before this WOD and put some lotion on before I went to bed and my hands ripped to shreds today. Also, any advice on how to wash your hair with no hands :)

  2. I will absolutely do a post on hand care. It is almost impossible not to tear on something like Angie, though. My advice for now until I get a post up is...

    Put a glob of neosporin on the tear area and cover it with a bandaid for 24 hours. I promise this will do you well. Keep it covered and keep neosporin on it, or it will dry out and tear more.