Wednesday, July 15, 2009


What do you count a lentil as? They have 60g of carbs but 31g of dietary fiber and 26g of protein. that gives them a 29g carb to 26g protein ratio. Are they a complete block?


  1. Ok, here is the deal with lentils. They are a zone favorable carbohydrate, but only a carbohydrate. I know they have protein in them, but the fiber itself is so great that it prevents most of that protein from entering into your body. In fact, the protein in lentils, black beans, beans in general, etc, does not elicit a glucagon response. Therefore, they are just a carb. The other thing to know is that the total amount of carbs is deceiving. Subtract the amount of fiber from the total carbs to get the amount of insulin-promoting carbs from the lentils. All in all, 1/4 cup of lentils is about 1 block of carbs. No protein, no fat. Just carbs.


  2. Oh, more specifically... 1/4 cup of COOKED lentils is a block. I don't know what the measurement is for dry lentils.