Tuesday, July 28, 2009

F Lunch.

Lunch sucks for me. It is in the middle of my work/school day, I want to go home, I want to take a nap, and I'm either tired from my 6:15am workout, or dreading my 6pm workout. I also find that because I need lunch to be relatively convenient (easy to take to school with me or at least a pretty quick meal) it ends up being a last minute compilation of shit that I don't really want to eat (ie- a can of tuna, 16,000 cups of zone approved broccoli, an apple, and some almonds). That's all fine and good for some people, but not me. I am a food snob-- sometimes I need meals that "go together"...and that's not always easy in a hurry--especially in the zone. This meal however was awesomely delicious, easy, healthy, and cheap!

3 oz. rotisserie chicken (pre-made from whole foods)
1 C. kale with sesame dressing
1/2 C. carrots with herbs and olive oil
3/4 C. blackberries

I know carrots are "unfavorable"... but they are delicious, the serving size isn't as daunting as say...20 C of raw spinach...and dammit, I refuse to get a complex over eating carrots. They are a flipping vegetable, people! Sarah Dunsmore....HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM ZONE APPLES!?!? :)



  1. Is that a two block meal? It looks pretty small so I'm guessing it is.

  2. After looking at your last 2 meals, I have decided something important. I am going to leave Rich and merry you. Seriously, they look really good.

  3. ps- Dori, That is a 3-blocker.

    3oz. chicken (3 blocks P)
    1 c. kale (1/2 block C, 2 blocks F (for the sesame oil dressing) + about 1 block C for honey and soy sauce in the dressing)
    1/2 c. carrots (1/2 block C, 1 block F(for the olive oil dressing))
    3/4 c. blackberries (1 block C)