Friday, June 10, 2011

and now for something completely different.

I went to bikram yoga today.

Why you ask.... because Dave programed squatapalooza the other day and my quads are still tight. I figured it would be a great way to loosen up my quads. That actually worked but I did not enjoy it.

I have taken hot power yoga before but not bikram. They are not the same thing. At least not in several key areas.

First thing you notice when you walk in the door is how little clothing these women wear. Now, granted it is hot; but they are wearing outfits that are very close to underwear. Because they are wearing so little you get a very good look at their bodies. They do not have CrossFit bodies. They have "should I buy you a hamburger" bodies.

The walls are covered with mirrors (another thing I am not use to) so I can really see the difference between my body (built like a small tank) and everyone else's (very thin with no muscle tone) no matter which way I faced. That was a treat.

The room is set to 110 degrees. I knew this going in. What I did not know was that bikram has very strict dictatorship type rules. I was told that I was not allowed to drink water until the teacher said I could (this ended up being 15 min in). That is a brilliant idea right there. Stick people in 110 degree heat and then do not allow them to hydrate when they feel like they need to.

I was then told that if I felt dizzy that I could sit on my knees. If I felt really dizzy and nauseous I could lay down but I was not allowed to leave the really hot room. This also seemed like a stellar idea to me. I was actually imagining the law suite Rich would file when I died.

I made it through alive so Jack services will not be needed at the time but I did get dehydrated. I happened to weigh myself this morning. I then ate 2 eggs with guac and had a cup of coffee. I had 2 glasses of water before going into class in preparation for the heat. I was so drenched in sweat when I got out that I decided that it would be fun to get on my scale again before I showered. Oh, and I drank a Nalgene bottle of water on the way home. The result of my hour and a half sweat fest.... I was down a full pound and that was after I drank a lot of water and ate.


  1. Um. Not ALLOWED to drink water. What the everloving beep.

    And if you even have to ponder the question of hamburgers, the answer is "yes" :)

  2. I used to be into Bikram and not all studios are super strict about the water-- usually they aren't strict about it with new people so it sounds like you just went to a super militant one. And the reason you aren't allowed to leave the room is because usually there isn't any other staff besides the teacher, so if you pass out in the bathroom no one would find you for an hour. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with bikram, but I haven't been in over a year so I guess the hate won out :)

  3. They actually had 3 other people working there. So, there must be another reason.

  4. So I hated my first class but went back and enjoyed it more. I had to go to the bathroom during one class and the teacher followed me in to be sure I wasnt dead...

  5. Sqautapalooza? Hell that was Squatageddon, so glad I wasn't the only one sore for days.