Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yay me!

Yesterday I got 2 double unders in a row several times. I think I could have kept going but every time it happened I got really excited and messed up my own rhythm. Before yesterday, I had to do: double under single under double under single under. And I sounded like a rhino while doing it. Dave actually told me one day that I was scaring the Japanese in the neighborhood because I sounded like Godzilla.

I have to give credit to a fellow coach at CrossFit Durham. He has helped me get better at a great number of things and yesterday was no different. I will say that I started working on them with Murph (who is awesome). She and I are at about the same level of double unders. She asked me if I thought we were getting high enough. I said I don't know. Then I turned to said coach that was walking up and said: "Are we getting high enough?" He said: "you just need to suck less" (not nice). He said this to me not to Murph. He is nice to Murph. I gave him an annoyed Kermit look and he laughed then actually provided help.

The help really worked. I think it might be what I need for running too. Bounce on the balls of my feet and do not kick my heels up. That is close to what Paul said to do with running. I guess these are points I already knew but having some one show you and then make you do it really helps.

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  1. Yes! My goal for you is to sprint, not just run, while jumping rope.