Monday, June 13, 2011

How do you even do it like that?

I have heard this several times over the last few weeks. From L pull-ups are much harder why do you lift your legs when you do a dead hang to I do not understand how you can heal strike in those shoes. Last night it was chest to bar kipping pull-ups.

My chest was high enough it was just a bout an inch out parallel to the bar. I am very good at doing things the wrong way. Not only the wrong way but a way that makes them, I am told, much harder. I wish I were more of an athlete and less of an "athlete" (as Amy would say).

I have been thinking about taking Amy's advice an writing things down again. That way I can see progress. Right now I am just feeling stagnate. My weight loss seems to have hit a plateau. Don't get me wrong, I am happy with my 14 lbs loss but I would like it to be 20.

I still sound like a Rhino while doing most things: running (thud thud thud), double unders (thud thud thud), and box jumps (thud thud thud). I have asked for help from a couple different friends. I am spreading out the neediness. That way I will, hopefully, not wear them out with my spaziness.

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  1. Sprinting single unders helping any with thud sound?