Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog assignment

One of my fellow coaches at CFD came up with an idea after reading Nelly's blog. The blog post was about things that Nelly would like to be able to do and what she wants her body to look like. A lot of her goals are goals that I have as well. Some of which, I did not know the proper name for but I do now (Dimples of Venus).

I digress, Ashley (fellow CFD coach) wants us to come up with 10 things that we actually like about ourselves. They can not be character traits. This is not an easy task. I can tell you all sorts of things I hate about my body but things that I actually like or talents that I have that is a different matter. To make this a little easier I think I might do 5 things that I can do and 5 things that are physical.

Here goes nothing

1. I can do a 1 armed hand stand

2. I have a very strong core so I can do weighted sit-ups (even weighted GHD sit-ups) with a large amount of weight.

3. I am good at my job. I have, what most people call, a good eye. It really just means that I have a good imagination and I am patient. This good imagination gives me an idea what a photo will look like before I take it.

4. I can do a number of ring push-ups. (Give me a WOD with ring push-ups and GHDs and I am a happy girl)

5. I have a really high pain tolerance. This one sometimes gets me in trouble

Now for the hard ones.

6. I like my legs. They are muscular and strong. When I wear a short skirt and heels, they make cops treat me really nicely.

And that is where I peter out. I can tell you a list of things that I know Rich likes about my body but that is not the assignment. I could also give you a very long list of things I admire about the others doing this assignment.

Amy - Has amazing coordination and great rythum.
Ashley - Crazy strong, has an amazing body and is an awesome teacher
Colleen - Is a super fast runner and very funny
Linsay - Is also incredibly strong and she has amazing style (totally has the 11th CrossFit skill down). She was honestly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever shot.
Melinda - Is a superstar. She is one of the kindest people I know. She is stronger mentally an physically than I could ever hope to be.
Nelly - has the best wall balls I have ever seen and has this fearless sense of adventure that I truly admire.

I think that is Ashley's point. Not that I have to come up with 10 things that I love about myself but to know that other people can. So, maybe we should stop focussing on all of the flaws and try to see ourselves the way others do.


  1. Speaking as someone who likes to look at girls, I'm telling you that you are seriously cute. So you should believe me.

    What's the story behind the hospital picture? You look like you're saying "person with the camera, come just a little closer so I can stab you."

    I'm honored to be thought adventurous by someone who's done one of those crazy mud runs :)

  2. That is from my wrist surgery. Which was required after injuring myself during a jerk. I went ahead and did the WOD... And the one the next day as well. I was told by the doctor that was a poor decision on my part.

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