Thursday, June 16, 2011


This girl I work with said to me: "It looks like you need a tattoo to do CrossFit".

Maybe that is what has been holding me back! My lack of tattoo! I actually have been considering getting one for a very long time but I can not settle on something. That and I am scared of how my mom will react.

I know what you are thinking. I am an adult I should not worry about how my mom will react. You do not know the story of my sister's tattoo.

When I was 12 my parents bought a Nordictrack. As a promotion, the good people of Nordictrack threw in a free heart rate monitor. This was one of the early heart rate monitors that would beep with your heart beat.

It was the late 80's and cutting off sections of your t-shirt was all the rage. Being a fashionable young (feathered hair and all) woman my sister had cut off the sleeves of her t-shirt.

My dad was hooking up the heart rate monitor to my sister (who was already strapped into the machine) when he noticed something. "What is this Liz?" My mom with her bionic hearing came storming in from the other room. Some how knowing what my dad was talking about. My poor sister, trapped by the evil machine's foot straps, was helpless. She said "Nothing! It is fake!" Yelling ensued for weeks. Or at least that is how I remember it. I was emotionally scarred.

That being said, these are the two that I have been wanting for a very long time:

First an Orca drawn by a Native American in the Northwest. Why you ask. Multiple reasons. I have always loved swimming. I was a water baby (that is a baby that is taught to swim before they can walk). I love marine life especially whales. I was born in the northwest. And a whole host of other silly reasons like that.

The second is a dragon. But I do not want just any dragon. I want a dragon that looks like it was drawn by Gustave Doré. I really like his Leviathan but it is not a complete dragon. Half of the Leviathan is in the water. The Leviathan is a sea monster and as I stated earlier, I like the ocean so it makes him a good candidate.

Why the dragon? My oldest sister's Chinese zodiac sign was a dragon. I have been thinking a lot about her recently and it would be nice to honor her in a way.

My favorite book has a dragon as one of the main characters, The Voyage of the Dawn Trader. Because of this, what ever dragon I get will have a cuff on its arm.

Who knows if I will actually get one, but it might make me better at CrossFit.


  1. I have 3 tattoos. I am strong. Your question has now been asked and answered!

  2. I will go with you to Dogstar since you were kind enough to keep me company during mine! :)

  3. From my experience it depends on what type of tattoo you get. Its kinda like D&D.

    A Giant Griphon on your back: +30 pounds on your Clean and Jerk
    Giant Virgin Mary: Butterfly Pullups
    Max from Where the Wild Things Are: Run -30 seconds/mile
    Whatever Gwen has: Rowing is your bitch

    I drew flames on my arm with a red sharpie to improve HSPUs today.

  4. I had no idea you were a C. S. Lewis fan! My fave of the series is "The Horse and His Boy" :)

    And if you do go to Dogstar I volunteer to come too!

  5. I do not think I will be going to Dogstar. I found a guy that I really like in NY. It is not too far from my cousin's house. But thank you for the offer.