Thursday, December 2, 2010

And another thing I love about CrossFit

Every gym has at least one. That one guy or girl or both that are really good at everything. We have at least one of each in our gym (and a few floaters that come in). We will call them Mack and Mashley (to protect their secret identity). The thing about these people at CrossFit is, they are really nice. It is impossible to hate them and their super human abilities. They cheer you on when you make your minor accomplishments as if you are amazing even though they are way stronger and faster than you. The only time you see any kind of frustration towards these people is when someone that does not really know them challenges them and then fails..... repeatedly.
Last night one of these people, Mack, did just that. He acted like it was awesome that I dropped 10 seconds off of my split time. And lets be honest, we need that sort of encouragement to keep going.
Here is what happened: Yesterday morning I forgot my tennis shoes. So, I called husband and asked him to bring them to the gym for me. He said okay and then promptly forgot to bring said shoes. The WOD was running and jumping rope so doing it in my duck foot like Keen slip-ons was not an option.
The only solution was to row instead of run, because I think running in my bare feet is a very bad idea. I am klutzy, the gym is in Durham (I would undoubtedly run over glass), and my feet and mind are not conditioned in the same way Colin's are.

Half way through the first 500 meter row, I realize that I am feeling fine and maintaining a 2:00 (my past 500 meter row was 2:12). I get excited and determined to keep it up (knowing the 50 double under will be hard but I really did not care). I pushed and finished at 2:02. I started celebrating immediately (there was a lot more WOD left). Husband gave me the disapproving Kermit look (with a half smile) to encourage me to get on with the rest of my WOD. I finished, though the first set of jumping rope was VERY hard after blowing my WOD (pun intended) on my first row.

After I was done I told Mack about my amazing achievement (his split is probably sub 1 min) and he acted excited and proud of me. It was in that minute that I decided to try really hard to do the same for everyone else in the gym. That being said.... David, my former bootcamper moved from blue to red band yesterday. He started with jumping pull ups a few months ago and now he is rocking the red band. You are awesome David!


  1. Great job! :) Also, Colin is just crazy. Also, now I'm really wondering what the disapproving Kermit look is...

  2. Congrats, Bea! I'm just now getting caught up on my blog reading. That's a great PR on the row!!! Seriously... rowing sucks! :)