Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 1

I had an "oh crap! I am going to be fat and old" moment, when I turned 30. I started working out the next day and ended up loosing 30lbs (over 6 months). This time it has been a little more gradual. I thought I am fat (again) and I want to do something about it. I started keeping track of what I ate with the support of a very good friend and some software, right after Thanksgiving. Like most people I have had good days and bad of eating. Yesterday was a very bad day of eating.

After I finished my very bad for me lunch, I felt horribly guilt ridden. I professed right then and there: "No grains until the 30th!" I forget sometimes that not everyone has the CrossFitter's mind set (I was at work). The response I got was shocking. My coworkers acted as if I had just proclaimed that I was the anti-Christ. One was visibly upset by the idea and thinks I am on a suicide mission. I tried to comfort her by telling her it was just for the next 10 days. She was still upset.

Today, I started my 10 day journey of no grains with this:
I am a firm believer of just changing one thing at a time. It makes it much easier to stick with. I do not think I would make it through a whole 30 because I would just get pissed off at all the things I could not eat and then say "F this!" and then eat a big bowl of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I love that blue box of artificial goodness.

If you see me reaching for a grain.... slap my hand.

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  1. "I forget sometimes that not everyone has the CrossFitter's mind set" Too funny. We often do get stuck in our bubble. Sometimes I even forget this with new clients.

    You can do it lady! And don't feel guilty for what has already happened. Just make the choice to control your future decisions of what goes in. It's harder if you fixate on what you can't have. Instead be sure to stock up on plenty of foods you can have!
    I typically am not a big fruit eater. Then, recently I found myself wanting sweets a good deal so I made a point to stock up on some clementine oranges and grapes to curve my sweet tooth. I was once a sugaraholic, but overtime I have retrained my tastebuds to appreciate the sweetness of fruit. I think when we eat too much artificial sugar then the foods that are naturally sweet don't seem satisfying.
    Take pride in your decision. You'll feel better for it in the long run! Plus, the ice cream, bread, Mac 'n Chz, etc. will still be available on the 30th! I had to come to realize this as well. It's that dawning moment of, "Oh, this isn't the last donut in the world." haha
    Happy holidays!!!