Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Horror

I am trying to enter everything in to My Net Diary, my food and exercise. Of course the program does not have CrossFit programed in as an option. No problem, that is what my trusty friend the internet is for. This time however, my friend shared some very bad news with me..... CrossFit 200 to 300 cal per hour. AHHHHH! That is it? No wonder I am fat. I will be adding more cardio in from this moment forward.
Part of me thinks: "But What about Dunsey she is super ripped and thin?"
Oh, right.... she weighs everything she puts in her mouth. That is why she has those awesome legs and abs.

I am really not willing to do that. I have to be honest. It just is not going to happen. More running it is.

Maybe I should pick another marathon or half to train for. There are 2 issues with this. One, running a marathon is very painful so I am more inclined to run a half. Two, I truly think I could run a half right now so that is not a challenge. A full it is. Now, I have to pick one, preferably in June or July.

Update: I like the idea of the Princess Half at Disney, but I think you only get a certificate that you have to print out. I am totally motivated by silly metals. I might have stopped my last marathon at mile 2o had I not thought "I want that golden Mickey head". There is one in Montana that gives you a cowboy belt buckle but that is an expensive flight.


  1. Hmm, that seems a little off, since that's about the same calorie count as walking or barely jogging for an hour (according to many sources). Maybe try this: It allows you to add things up to build a wod, for example, 3 minutes jumping rope, 6 minutes running, 5 minutes weight lifting ("vigorous"); for work: 15 minutes weight lifting ("moderate")... This seems much more flexible and accurate, which makes sense given how much variation there is in Crossfit. Just a thought!

  2. Thanks Erin, That is a great website.

  3. That article is comparing 200 calories an hour for low intensity exercise to 300 calories an hour for high intensity exercise. It goes further to state that crossfit is high intensity. Jogging, I believe, would be low intensity.