Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And.... nothing

Not a single ounce dropped in the last 3 days. This is when it would be great if people would not tempt me with delicious food. Unfortunately, office people love to provide temptation this time of year. I need to be extra strong while this frustration settles in. Luckily, today's sugar fest is not at all appealing.
What is that, you ask? Silly.... It is peanut butter rolled in a powdered sugar concoction.


  1. Don't eat your co-workers' crap. Repeat to yourself, "I didn't bring this food. It is not _for_ me."

  2. Three days is not an awfully long time, and you know there could be myriad reasons the number hasn't moved yet. Don't give up! You are a beast!

    As for the weird little smushed sugar sushi things, just remember the first part of the mantra: "Eat FOOD." That stuff is...not food :P