Monday, December 20, 2010

Now I am sore

This weekend I did the Again Faster WOD:

200 Double Unders
7000# of Deadlifts
75 Barbell Thrusters (35#)

* Weight on deadlift bar will determine # of reps.
* Reps can be partitioned as the athlete wishes.
* Once workout begins, deadlift weight must remain the same.

I chose to do the double unders last because I am VERY bad at them (the double unders took me twice as long as the rest of it). I really liked this WOD. Unfortunately, I must have curved my back at some point during the deadlifts because I am very sore. I have been leaning against a heating pad today. It is not all that bad.... my office is freezing and the heating pad is keeping me warm.

The office where I am temping is still trying to fatten me up so they can eat me. Today (exactly 3 paces from my desk) they brought in brownies and macaroons dipped in dark chocolate. I do not have my phone on me today so I can not take an overly dramatic photo with my Hipstamatic for you.


  1. Ok, the peanut-butter-rolled-in-powdered-sugar thing was just kinda ew, but macaroons? In chocolate?? That's just MEAN!

    What weight were you doing for the deadlifts?