Friday, December 3, 2010

I take it back

As many of you know, I went to Mexico with husband and 2 friends for Thanksgiving. The place we were staying had a pool bar. The pool was unbelievably cold so we usually sent the men folk to brave the icy waters to get the drinks. On one of the many drink runs I decided I would cool off by jumping in to the frigid waters and get the drinks for husband and myself. When I swan up to the bar the guy Jack, I mean Mack was talking to said: "Is that your sister?" I do not think we look anything a like but lets compare shall we...
Me: 5'2"
Mack: 6' something"
Me: pasty white - of English and Irish decent
Mack: tans with in seconds of being in the sun - of Asian and Spanish or Italian (I can not remember) decent.
Me: reddish brown hair
Mack: black hair (with a touch of gray, and yes... I went there)
Me: klutzy with no scene of spatial awareness.
Mack: can do 20 million double unders and muscle ups with ease
Me: brown eyes
Mack: brown eyes
Bing! Bing! Bing!
That must be it; we are SO much a like.
Well, apparently Mack has taken the discovery of a new found sibling to heart and has decided to treat me as such. This entails teasing me so much that I want to give him a severe pummeling. This teasing was particularly bad last night because I said nice things about him yesterday in my blog and ruined his street cred.
So, lets set the record strait shall we... Mack is a total badass that totally could beat you at anything and could completely kick your butt if he wanted / felt like it.

Now, on to me. Half way through yesterday's WOD my right wrist started hurting, really badly. I looked at it and it had turned purple. The WOD was: 21-15-9 For Time:
DB Thrusters and burpees. I stopped doing the burpees and switched to push-ups, so I would not be slamming my hand against the ground. After the WOD I talked to Nemo and he said, he had hurt his wrist 4 years ago and it still bothers him. This, needless to say, is highly disappointing news. Is it an age thing ? I do not remember healing being such a pain in the butt before. Well, at least the purple went away.

In early August



  1. tile to carpet... solid choice. :)

  2. I really miss you Mandy. And the swirly carpet does make a much more interesting background then the doctors office tile.

  3. i miss all the nc-ers too. tell mich, mack, and mori hi for me :) glad youre healing up, dude.