Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Carolina Fitness

The Carolina Fitness Challenge went off without a hitch this weekend. It was a very long day but was a lot of fun. One person really sticks out in my mind. Although he did not get a podium win he finished well and was my idea of embodied determination.

Of course I am talking about Gabe. His approach was to go full throttle through the entire day. I honestly do not know how he managed to do it. Just in case you did not know, those are 52lb kettlebells he is sprinting with.
People really fall in to two camps (I think); the humble or the let me tell you how awesome I am camp. Gabe, although incredibly awesome, falls into the humble camp. I have talked about how much I admire some of these people in the past... Sarah Dunsmore is a prime example of humble but bad ass. But I digress, Gabe walked into CF Durham on Monday and was told that the picture above was awesome. His response was "That is all Beatrice". I beg to differ. I do think I am fairly good at what I do but I will be the first to admit that a good portion of my job is being in the right place.... and Saturday, the right place was in your vicinity Gabe. Good job, and I can not wait to see you do it again next year.


  1. So sorry I missed it! Next year I will be there with bells on.

  2. I don't know Gabe personally, but he definitely rocked it! And, obviously Dunsmore rocks too!!