Monday, December 6, 2010


I am a big proponent of eating heirloom vegetables. Earlier this year I read 3 Michael Pollan books and a Barbara Kingsolver book that really changed my views on food. I highly recommend them if you have not already read them.
I shop at Whole Foods or Fresh Market for my meats and vegetables. I like Fresh Market better (it has wider aisles and tends to be a little cheaper) but it is in Chapel Hill and that is a pain in the butt. So, I tend to go to Whole Foods on Broad in Durham. Last night I ran into 3 people I know outside of CrossFit. This is a little bothersome because I very rarely go when I do not look disgusting. I usually go right after working out, like I did last night.
Anyway, I was looking for broccoli when I found this:

I am sorry Whole Foods but I can not believe that occurred naturally. Why is that cauliflower purple? I do understand the need to jazz things up a little so that kids will eat them but I expect Whole Foods to be above that sort of silliness. I mean, I love grapapples as much as the next person; but I expect to buy them at Target.


  1. Don't be scared. Purple cauliflower is legit!

  2. Phil is correct. I Googled. I never shoulld have doubted you Whole Foods.

  3. I saw this post as I was eating yellow grape tomatoes and thinking how much more exciting and delicious they are than plain red tomatoes.