Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been discussing food with Rich (husband) a great deal recently. Actually, it has been a regular topic for the past year. How should we eat? I turn to Michael Pollan for the answer. I do not eat Paleo. I have no desire to give up that much because I believe that eating can be one of the greater pleasures in life. That being said I do think you can make more things Paleo like. I have created a separate blog that will go through recipes I have found, that are not Paleo (at all) and make them closer. Maybe I should say: I make them so Michael Pollan would approve. At least I hope he would. The blog is called Malicious Cupcake.

Although the first recipe is Paleo, they will not all be strictly so. If you want a place for strict paleo, please visit Mandy's blog: Nom Nom F*Bomb
Both sites can be reached by clicking on the links in the "Friends" section on the right of this page.

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