Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anemia test

  1. Examine your skin tone. Do you have very pale skin color? Even if you have a dark complexion, your lips may be pale and your skin may appear "washed out." - I am always pale. I have no clue if I am even more so.

  2. Consider whether you are fatigued or irritable all of the time. These are common symptoms of anemia. - Yes, definitely

  3. Ask yourself whether you have frequent headaches or loss of appetite. These are usually early signs of anemia. - I have been getting headaches, but that could also be sugar withdrawal.

  4. Consider whether it is difficult for you to concentrate. This can affect your work and/or school performance. - No, I do not think so.

  5. Ask yourself whether you're craving unusual foods. This is called pica, and you may find yourself craving very bizarre non-foods, such as soil and paper. - Not dirt and paper (if I craved that I would think something was seriously wrong) but I wanted a Boston Cream doughnut the other day and could really go for some pudding right now.

  6. Take note of your moods. Anemia can bring on feelings of depression. -I do not think I am depressed just tired and easily annoyed.

  7. Consider whether you've been short of breath. Red blood cells are a vital part of the respiratory process, and this symptom may occur when anemia is moderate to severe. -This one is hard to tell because I do CrossFit, so not being able to breathe is par for the course.

  8. Take note of whether you feel a sense of coldness in your extremities. This may be caused by poor circulation as a result of anemia. -Again, tough to tell it is 3o degrees out and the world has a coating of ice. So yes, I am cold but it is actually cold out and I grew up in Florida

  9. Ask yourself if you've been feeling weak and/or dizzy. In severe cases, you may feel too weak to get out of bed, and dizzy when you do get up. - I do feel weak, not dizzy at all though.

This was not very helpful. I wonder if there is an at home prick test I could do.


  1. Have you ever gotten your blood sugar tested? If you're prone to hypoglycemia, the low/no-carbing might play that up. My boyf has type 1 diabetes, and when his sugar is low, he gets irritable and moody, feels weaker, turns pale (it's scary when a black person gets pale!), etc etc. I'm totally not qualified to give any kind of real medical advice, but it might be something to check out.

  2. Yes, I have and I am not. I have been anemic in the past though..... Hence the not at all helpful questionnaire.

  3. Not sure about home tests, but if you donate blood at the Red Cross they test your iron levels for free. Then they give you crap cookies that no one who wants to be healthy should be eating.