Friday, January 14, 2011

Stupid strong internal abs

The transverse abdominus muscles are the deepest muscles you have. They can not be seen or felt from the outside but they help with posture. Rectus abdominus are the pretty muscles. They are commonly referred to as the six pack. I am beginning to doubt the existence of my rectus abdominus. I can do crazy amounts of sit-ups with out a problem. On the GHD I only really stop because I get dizzy and on knees to elbows my hands give out way before my abs do. But I can not see or feel my abs under my layer of fat. A few of my friends are seeing their abs but I can not remember ever seeing mine. Even when I was really thin, I never saw them. Maybe I just have super strong transverse abdominus muscles and I should just try to be happy with that..... but damn if I do not want washboard abs.

Today's temptation is brought to me by Panera:

I think that I will need to continue on this diet after the 30 days because of this office. Peolple are always offering me carby delicious food. If I ate everything I was offered in this office I would weigh 20 billion pounds.

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