Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Temptation thy name is bread

I like bread in almost all of its manifestations. I am sure this is not a surprise.

Today I had to ride up the elevator with a pizza delivery guy. I made the mistake of telling him "Wow, that smells amazing." I must look cute today or something because he then said "Me, or the pizza?"

Now, I have hung around boys my entire life. I know how to respond when they make a perverted comment. I just shoot one back at them. I actually had one of those today too and did not blink an eye. I can not remember that one exactly but it had something to do with a box of toys, you get the idea. I even worked with cops for 4 years and let me tell you; those boys are all about the sexual harassment. As odd as this might sound, I am comfortable with that kind of comment. It does not faze me in the slightest. I can come up with a witty retort and move on with my day. A comment like the pizza dude made, I have no clue what to do with. It makes me thankful iPhones exist so I can just pretend I did not hear it because I am listening to TI too loudly.

Then I went to get my amazing salad for lunch and they had the nerve to throw in two slices of a baguette for free.

Do you like the photo? I tried to make the bread look ominous.
I have run out of time I need to go teach my bootcamp. Sorry but I have no nice tidy way to end this. All I can say is I am an awkward girl that does not know how to flirt. I blame Rich because I have been with him for 17 years. Here is proof:

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  1. That's probably one of the cutest pictures ever, just saying. Rich looks like Peter Parker. You just look as adorable as ever :)

    The bread looks seriously terrifying. If that picture were on a movie poster it would probably be about a criminally insane baker.