Saturday, January 22, 2011

In an effort to procrastinate

In an effort to procrastinate here is a special Saturday post. It is day 19 or 20, I do not remember when we started this thing, of Paleo challenge. I have lost 2 actual pounds since this started but 9 since I started keeping track and calorie counting (right after Mexico, which was Thanksgiving).

I have been taking a page from Tamara Cohen and photographing my progress. I am now a big proponent of this because I would never notice a difference otherwise. Weight loss happens gradually and you might miss it. I was told by a friend that my face looks thinner. I thought she was smoking crack but then I looked back at my photo booth picture I took of my last haircut. I took a picture of me doing the same pose and sure enough; my face is a little thinner.

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  1. i meant to tell you the other day that you walked in the gym and kerry said, "has bea lost weight? she looks really tiny!" i'm sorry i forgot to tell you that. it's important to hear those things.

    i totally see the difference in your pictures. you look hott, but then again that's nothing new, so whatevs. :)