Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This is probably more information than you need to know but.... I get really irritable when the red coats are about to march. I do not take the pill and I am very bad at keeping track so it is usually an annoying surprise. Surprise! You are going to be overly emotional for no apparent reason and gain 5lbs for a week. Guess what, you will be weaker for that period of time as well. Well, at least you are not pregnant. Yeah!

Anyway.... That is probably why I have been so grumpy lately. I am sorry. I should learn to keep myself in check. That might also be a contributing factor to me being so run down. Maybe Paleo and this week in the month do not play nicely with each other. Maybe I should be taking an iron supplement. I just hate the way they make your stomach feel.

I did however, have a good day at CF yesterday. My new bootcampers are awesome. I also have 2 return bootcampers that are 2 of my most favorite ones ever. (The grammar in that last sentence was atrocious. ) Then Melinda came up to me out of no where and told me I was hot.... I think she was lying and just being supportive but it was nice to hear. Then to top it all off, I PRed on my row. I could not breathe for the rest of the night. But who needs to breathe? My self appointed big brother tried to rain on my parade by pointing out the time and ignoring the additional meters. Stupid boy. I broke the 2 min mark, barely but 1:59. I will more than likely never be able to do that again but I did need that boost this week. Maybe I can get my hands on some HGH and grow a few more inches so I can be faster. That would be awesome.

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