Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Damn You Food Truck

A food truck parked at Motorco last night and none of us could figure out what its tag said. Me, being naturally curious and wanting to get to the bottom of things; I ran across the street to ask what it said. No one was actually in the truck(they must have been on a bathroom break). They did, however have a sign that said "tater tots cooked in duck fat". That is what curiosity gets you ladies and gentleman..... No real answer to your original question and a craving for something you did not know existed. I can not stop thinking about how delicious those tots must be.

I am down 9 lbs since November, although Dave thinks it is just my Lululemon pants. The last 3lbs have been since I started paleo. I am having a tough time with what will happen on the 27th. On the one hand, I would love to know what a heavenly tater tot tastes like. On the other hand I want to see my abs. I think I am just going to lighten up for my trip down to Florida and then go right back on it when I come home. That is the problem with this kind of extreme diet; you plan out your day after with the idea of eating everything in sight. I would like a Berliner from Gugelhupf for breakfast. I would like Sushi and a Bojangles biscuit for lunch and a Sicilian Stromboli for dinner. Oh and a Taco from that weird check cashing place. That is like 4k calories in one day. Not good!

Moderation is so hard after deprivation.


  1. So that's what it was! I saw it too but just squinted fruitlessly instead of running over to see. Wow...those must be kind of incredible.

    I'm doing the same thing with planning out what non-paleo foods to have once the month is up. I have an entire list. Topping the list is Turkish coffee (it's like half sugar) with heavy cream.