Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I love

A friend told me recently that she had read an article that links negativity to weight gain. So with that in mind I am going to list things that make me happy, in no particular order.

Friends (including Rich, he would be the number one friend)
Gurtie (She is Pure happiness and love)

I also like napping, so does Gurtie.

Working in a hospital is weird. The majority of people eat all sorts of bad things and do not exercise. They also smoke. It seems odd that people see the bad stuff happening to other people because of that behavior and then still do it. Occasionally you run into a CrossFitter that smokes or drinks diet Pepsi but they are few and far between and then they usually try to hide it from the rest of us.

I really think life is about small goals to get where you want to be. Little incremental changes sometimes make the biggest difference. If someone starts exercising they might notice it is hard to breath and then that leads to quitting smoking.

I was talking to a guy at work today about his new exercise program. He has an Xbox Kinect. He asked what my goals were. I said to get ripped. I then asked what his goal was. He said to walk up stairs with out getting winded. That is a very good goal. Much more functional than my goal. If playing Xbox gets you there, that is awesome. Moving is important and most of the time technology makes it so we do not have to move. Good for you Xbox creators for making your technology help the body as well as entertain the mind.


  1. Smokes or drinks diet Pepsi? I wouldn't think diet Pepsi is along the same I will confess that when I drink soda I drink regular coke!!!!! And I like it.

  2. That was aimed at someone in particular. She knows who she is. :)

  3. Bah! I don't even try to hide my Diet Coke habit. ;)

    Seriously, though, I shouldn't be drinking that stuff. I think the artificial sugar adds to my migraine woes. I'm positive it isn't good for anyone, but sometimes I convince myself that it isn't exactly bad. CrossFit and people like you, Bea, have got me thinking more about being good to my body (so thanks!). And I mean being actively good -- as opposed to simply avoiding the very bad things. I have a lot of progress to make there.