Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Pandora... how I love you.

I love Pandora. It reminds me of all the amazing music that exists in the world. Some I know about, others may have slipped my mind, and then there are new delightful surprises. Sometimes, Evanescence comes on. All I have to do is press the little thumbs down (they are a little dramatic for my taste) and that song is replaced with Gary Jules' Mad World. Nice come back Pandora! Life is better with a sound track. The music almost makes it okay when I spill coffee down my front.... almost.

I have very different taste in music depending on what I am doing.
Photo editing = Singer Songwriter.
Driving = Anything
Hanging out by the pool = Island music (Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, etc)
Going to sleep or waking up = Classical
Working Out = Boody Music (Lil Wayne, Beyonce, 50 Cent, etc)

There are two other trainers that have play lists I really like. Occasionally they have a song that does not work for me but over all I really like when they put their iPods on. It might be a fun experiment to try Pandora out one day, maybe tonight at say, 7 pm.

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