Saturday, January 29, 2011

Waiting for Euphoria

Everyone says how good they feel on paleo. I never got there. I started out feeling like crap. I was tired and had no energy, then I moved on to massive head ache (this because of the ketosis). I then settled into feeling normal. I have been off for 3 days and have eaten a lot of "bad food". Hey, do not judge, I am in Daytona. Daytona is home of the chain restaurant. I have had fried oysters, chicken biscuits, corn dogs, and ice cream. I feel like absolute crap. They sell only fair food at the race way so that is what I ate. Ick. So what does someone do when they feel like crap. find something better to put in your body. Oh thank god for roast beef sandwiches with roasted red peppers. I just tossed the bread. It will not be hard to convince me to go back on paleo.

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