Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Key words for Bull City CrossFitters

For some reason I can not get this to be any bigger or clearer for that matter.
Blogspot has this new section of the blog that lets you look up how people are searching you. These are my top ten searches for the past week.
1. Paleo London Broil Recipe -This makes sense
2. Overhead Squat - So does this one
3. Squat Test
4. Paleo London Broil - Apparently I need to post a good recipe for London Broil
5. 90 degree Overhead Squat Test - You guys are really concerned with your squats
6. Taylor Lautner CrossFit - Seriously, I posted one picture of the man as a joke in 2009
7. Are there any CrossFitters not Following Paleo - :) yes, but this month a lot of people are doing a 30 day challenge.
8. Bull City CrossFitters
9. Do CrossFitters Shave - This one made me laugh... hard. The answer is: yes, a good number of us do.
10. Fitness Challenge

Can you tell that there is nothing for me to do at work today?

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